About Us

When we started making chocolate nearly 4 years ago, one of our goals was to draw attention to the vast difference between what Chefs and Chocolatiers recognize as chocolate and the low grade confectionary that most of the British public consume by the Ton every week.

Our aim was to produce a range of high quality hand made chocolate products and the best way to achieve this was using only the finest chocolate from around the world along with fresh locally sourced ingredients to make delicious fresh chocolates in small batches with no artificial flavourings. This method of producing chocolates makes them taste so much better than anything that is mass produced.

All our chocolate products are made in our workshop in Darlington where we make an ever expanding range of fresh chocolates, truffles, bars, and lolly pops along with a variety of seasonal products when Christmas and Easter are upon us.

Our products are available to buy on our website and are available at various events we attend throughout the year, see our events page. We have also started stocking products at various retailers which can be viewed on our stockist’s page.

We hope you enjoy our creations.

David & Wendy Sanderson, Chocolatiers.